Zakhaev Airport Massacre


Capture of Alejandro Rojas


Battle of Washington D.C.

Invasion of Virginia
Russian troops invading Virginia, USA

World War III


August 13th, 2016


Arcadia County, Northeastern Virginia, USA


Russia concentrates forces in Maryland for an attack on Washington D.C.


22px NATO

20px Russia
20px Inner Circle (advisory)


Flag of the United States President of the United States
Flag of the United States Vice President of the United States
Flag of the United States William Cullen
Flag of the United States Lieutenant General Hershel von Shepherd
Flag of the United States Colonel Marshall
Flag of the United States Overlord

Flag of the United States Sergeant Foley

20px Boris Vorshevsky

20px Viktor


United States Armed Forces

  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Air Force
  • 8th Armored Division
  • Brigade Combat Team One
    • 5000+ Soldiers
  • 1st Armoured Division
    • At least 13,174 soldiers

Russian Armed Forces


Thousands of soldiers, and hundreds of civilians killed, wounded, or captured

Thousands of soldiers killed, wounded, or captured

The Invasion of Virginia was the invasion of Virginia and bordering Maryland, United States, by Ultranationalist Russia, starting of World War III. The invasion began following the terrorist attack on Zakhaev International Airport, for which the United States was incriminated.


Before Task Force 141 could recover the ACS module in the mission "Cliffhanger", the Russians had already copied it. During the terrorist attack at Zakhaev International Airport, undercover CIA agent Joseph Allen was killed by Vladimir Makarov to make it look like the attack was supported by the Americans. The next day, on August 13th, Russia tricked the United States' NORAD systemn into reporting roughly 70 bogies invading the West Coast when the invasion force was actually intending to invade the East Coast.


Russians Jets swiftly invaded Virginia and Maryland, managing to push all the way to Interstate 95 (I-95). 75th U.S. Army Rangers, Hunter 2-1 with Sgt. Foley as commanding officer was ordered to rescue the VIP codenamed Raptor, taking control of enemy Predator drones and using them to repel Russian forces. After the VIP was rescued, the US Armed Forces mvoed to protect and evacuate civilians in Arcadia County, Virginia. At this point, Shepherd took command of the defending forces and ordered Foley's unit to find VIP HVI at his safehouse. As Foley's group fought through Russian checkpoints and destroyed AA batteries, HVI was killed by Russians commanded by Viktor. Viktor himself died in the attack. When Foley's unit reached HVI's panic room, they found his corpse, with Viktor nearby. HVI's information was recovered by James Ramirez as Russia conducted a tactical retreat from Virginia into Maryland.

According to reports during the invasion, Russia was successful in destroying the CIA Headquarters in Langley, Camp David, and the Pentagon.


Viriginia was reclaimed by the United States. Foley's group moved to Washington D.C. to await their next assignment. However, the Russians leaving Virginia joined the other Russian forces in Maryland to coordinate a strike on the US capital, beginning the Battle of Washington D.C..

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