Oasis Hotel Security Service
Leader(s) Unknown
Vladimir Makarov
Appears in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Country Arabian Peninsula
Type Hotel Security
Engagements Protecting Vladimir Makarov
Active 2017
Nikolai: "Makarov's got a small army in there."
Price: "It won't help him."
— Nikolai and Cpt. John Price discussing the size of the Security and Inner Circle force in Hotel Oasis.

The Oasis Hotel Security Service is the civilian security service responsible for guarding the Hotel Oasis. They appear in the campaign mission,"Dust to Dust". The Guards are equipped with Russian military grade weaponry such as M67s, AK-47s, and even RPGs.




  • The Oasis Hotel security guards talk in a way similar to that of the OpFor. This is best heard in the beginning of the mission where a security guard orders his teammates to fire on the Price and Yuri's van. An explanation for this is that the security is operational within the Arabian Peninsula, just as Opfor is.
  • The security forces appear to be working with the Inner Circle, given that they seem to openly turn a blind eye to the heavily armed Inner Circle members who come out to engage Price and Yuri, going so far as to fight alongside them. It is possible that Makarov has bought out the entire security force for his own ends.
  • The Oasis Hotel security guards will try to kill civilians even though they are hotel security guards. This can be explained by how they are working with the Inner Circle.

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