The Russian Federation

United helghast union flag by rainb0wxen0-d9904c6

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Flag Of Russia (Real Life) The Flag Of Federal Helghast Union (Killzone Meets Roblox)
Music National Anthem Of Russia (Real Life) Helghast March (Killzone Meets Roblox)
Leader(s) Vladimir Putin (Real Life) Scolar Visari (Killzone Meets Roblox)
Appears in Killzone Meets Roblox
Country Russia
Type Anti-Nazism Armed Forces
Engagements Second Meme War Third Meme War Vektan Civil War And Forth Meme War
Active Active
Motto For Religion, the Tsar The King and the Fatherland
Level Mentioned Only And Appears In Serveral Levels

The Russian Federation (Russian: Российская Федерация) Or The Federal Helghast Union (Russian:Федеральный союз Хельгаст) Is A Country Located In Eastern Europe And Asia It Is The Largest Country In The World And Its Capital Moscow And The Current President Is Vladimir Putin