The Timeline Of Alternate History (AKA Nerf Wars Universe) Since Nerf Wars Movies And Games Had No Mention Of Gregorian Calendar Dates The Local Resistance Group Calendar Is Used Here


  • Dinosaurs Were Extinct In 1,000,000,000,000 BSF
  • Human Like Apes Ancestors Begins To Appear At 8,000,000 BSF

10th Millenium BSF

  • Remus And Romulus Founded Rome AT 5,000,257 BSF

5th Millenium BSF

  • The Fall Of Western Roman Empire

3rd Millenium BSF

  • The Fall Of The Byzantines

1st Millenium BSF

  • World War 2 Starts And Ends

0 B.S.F

  • Call Of Duty Black Ops III Generated Controversy Allowing The Starco Fandom Community Seize The Entire Planet Earth And Enslaving Genociding Humans
  • Global Civil War Starts With The Rise Of Local Resistance Group

Between 1 A.S.F And 2 A.S.F

  • Chester Bennington Dies Due To Suicide Allowing The SFC Influence Grows More Powerful And Stronger