Viktor Kaffarov
Assault Infantry
Appears in Killzone Meets Roblox
Rank Staff Sergeant
Affiliations The Helghan Empire
Nationality Russian
Status Alive
Birth April 1 2222
Sex Male
Height 70
Weight 70
Build Ok
Hair Black
Eyes Red
Race Caucasian
Weapon StA-52, StA-18, StA-3 Light Machine Gun, StA-11 Submachine Gun, M82 Assault Rifle And LS57 Submachine Gun.
Equipment Assualt Infantry Kit
Timeline KZMR
Voice Actor Roman Varshavsky
Level Appears In Skrimish Mode
Viktor Kaffarov Is A Secondary Tritagonist In Killzone Meets Roblox He Is Playable In Skrimish And Voiced By Roman Varshavsky

Pre-War/Early Terrorist Carrier

Known Little About A Terrorist He Is A Ancestor Of Vladimir Makarov He Refounded A Terrorist Group Known As The Inner Circle A Russian Terrorist Group

Second Meme War

Now Viktor As A Helghast Trooper Fighting Along Side With The Bravo Team He Tries To Hunt Tom The Demon But He Falied.